Easy Number 13 Worksheet for Kids

A variety of number worksheet has been prepared and is ready for you to save and print! This time, we would like to share to you several number 13 worksheet for your children to learn more about number 13 and several math operations that deal with number 13. To save the worksheets, check out the following images and click on them to save!

number 13 worksheet free
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Uppercase and Lowercase Worksheets to Learn Alphabet

For children, writing is a skill that they have to eventually master. Children are taught to write down things by themselves. There are various ways of alphabet writing: uppercase and lowercase writing. In this occasion, we have prepared for you the best selections of uppercase and lowercase worksheets that you can print to test your children to know about their skill in alphabet writing! Scroll down for the images.

uppercase and lowercase worksheets easy
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Free Download Color by Number Mosaic Puzzle

Have you ever tried to do a learning activity using worksheets which are combined with games named color by number mosaic? Sound interesting, right? These worksheets are made by combining coloring, counting or math operation, and games. Take a look at the first hidden picture posted below to see how it looks like.

Color by Number mosaic ship
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Numbers 1-10 Worksheet for Kindergarten

Free and printable number 1-10 worksheets have been prepared for your children in high definition! These worksheets are designed to help them learning about numbers. These number worksheets contain many kinds of number 1-10 exercises that you can choose for your kids. These number sheets are provided in the images below. Simply click on the images to save them.

numbers 1-10 worksheet children
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Unicorn Color Pages for Kids

Unicorn probably doesn’t exist in the reality, but it’s everywhere in fairy tale and fantasy movie, right? Mostly known for its horn and ability to fly, unicorn is an imaginary white creature like a horse with a single horn growing from the front of its head. You can find many pictures of unicorn only in fairy tale-like stories or fantasy. Since children like it, we have prepared a collection of color pages with unicorn drawings on it. Take a look at a unicorn color page posted below!

unicorn color pages simple
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Pre-K Shapes Worksheets to Print

Shapes are important things for children to learn, even for prekindergarten kids. It is basically one of several central points of life. There are many kinds of shapes that prekindergarten children need to know. Therefore, this time we have prepared several best selections of pre k shapes worksheets that you can easily save and print. These worksheets are posted in the images below. Scroll down to check them out!

pre k shapes worksheets learning
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Number Words Charts 2018

Efficient and effective media are important for kids during their time studying numbers. Learning numbers is not only limited to the concept of number itself. Children are also supposed to understand how the numbers are named and spelled in words. To help children comprehend the words of how a certain number is addressed, we have prepared the best selections of number words charts for children that they can use as the media to learn more as well as test their understanding in naming numbers. Check out the images posted below!

number word chart printable
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Halloween Printable Coloring Pages

Welcome to our article about a Halloween Printable Coloring Pages be fun to do on Halloween day. What do you usually do on Halloween? Halloween is a celebration day on 31st of October where people usually make some spooky decorations atmosphere at their home. They also tend to dress up like a ghost (or other spooky characters) to enliven the mood.

halloween printable coloring pages happy

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