Free Printable Color the Shapes Worksheet

Learning shapes is an important thing that children have to master. Coloring can be one alternative way for children to learn about shapes. For this reason, this time we have prepared for you a handful selection of color the shapes worksheets for children that you can easily save and print. These worksheets are posted in the images below.

color the shapes worksheet for children
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Horse Color Pages for Preschoolers 2017

Looking for animal color sheets for your kids’ media in coloring activity? This time we will share to you the best horse color pages that you can save and print for your children’s coloring activity media. Children know horse since it is a familiar animal for them. Thus, children have really great imagery in their mind of what and how a horse looks like. Check out the color sheets on the images posted below!

horse color pages flowers
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Write to 20 Numbers Worksheets

Doing something for fun while learn is the best way for the kids. Today, we are going to learn to write numbers. Writing for the first time is not easy. Because of that we have prepared write to 20 for your kids. They just simply join the dots to write the numbers. The worksheets have good quality and definitions which can be freely save and print in a large size.

Write to 20 Tracing
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Even and Odd Numbers Worksheets for Grade 2

There  are many subjects to learn with numbers, and one of them is the subject which demands kids to be able to identify numbers. Being able to determine a number as odd or even is one assessment that children or student have to learn. To make them understand the concept of odd and even numbers, they can use these even and odd number worksheets as the media for them to try differentiating numbers. Scroll down for the worksheets.

even and odd numbers worksheet free
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Easy Number 13 Worksheet for Kids

A variety of number worksheet has been prepared and is ready for you to save and print! This time, we would like to share to you several number 13 worksheet for your children to learn more about number 13 and several math operations that deal with number 13. To save the worksheets, check out the following images and click on them to save!

number 13 worksheet free
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Uppercase and Lowercase Worksheets to Learn Alphabet

For children, writing is a skill that they have to eventually master. Children are taught to write down things by themselves. There are various ways of alphabet writing: uppercase and lowercase writing. In this occasion, we have prepared for you the best selections of uppercase and lowercase worksheets that you can print to test your children to know about their skill in alphabet writing! Scroll down for the images.

uppercase and lowercase worksheets easy
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Free Download Color by Number Mosaic Puzzle

Have you ever tried to do a learning activity using worksheets which are combined with games named color by number mosaic? Sound interesting, right? These worksheets are made by combining coloring, counting or math operation, and games. Take a look at the first hidden picture posted below to see how it looks like.

Color by Number mosaic ship
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Numbers 1-10 Worksheet for Kindergarten

Free and printable number 1-10 worksheets have been prepared for your children in high definition! These worksheets are designed to help them learning about numbers. These number worksheets contain many kinds of number 1-10 exercises that you can choose for your kids. These number sheets are provided in the images below. Simply click on the images to save them.

numbers 1-10 worksheet children
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Pre-K Shapes Worksheets to Print

Shapes are important things for children to learn, even for prekindergarten kids. It is basically one of several central points of life. There are many kinds of shapes that prekindergarten children need to know. Therefore, this time we have prepared several best selections of pre k shapes worksheets that you can easily save and print. These worksheets are posted in the images below. Scroll down to check them out!

pre k shapes worksheets learning
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Number Words Charts 2018

Efficient and effective media are important for kids during their time studying numbers. Learning numbers is not only limited to the concept of number itself. Children are also supposed to understand how the numbers are named and spelled in words. To help children comprehend the words of how a certain number is addressed, we have prepared the best selections of number words charts for children that they can use as the media to learn more as well as test their understanding in naming numbers. Check out the images posted below!

number word chart printable
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