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Month: October 2016

Thank You Notes Samples for Gift in Cute Shapes

Have you ever felt thankful for someone who has done smoothing for you and you cannot express your feeling in a proper way? You also feel awkward when you have to express your grateful in person. Here, we will help you. We have collect thank you notes samples for gift in cute shapes.

The notes already have high quality and definitions. You can do the right click and print in when ever needed.

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Join the Dots Worksheets for Easy Drawing

Drawing is one of the best activities to increase the ability to imagine. The kids who have many imaginations can be train by drawing to visual the imaginations. However, what can the parents do when the kids can draw by their own yet? Do not be worry because we have prepared worksheets to help the kids.

Joining the dots worksheets is the first step to prepare the kids on drawing. The worksheets are very easy to use. Just feel free to save and print it.

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Flower Template Printable for Flower Lovers

Do your kids like gardening? If they like gardening and plant many flowers, we have coloring papers which are suitable for your kids. The flower template printable that we have collected, are in black and white. Your kids who love flowers will absolutely like the printable template.

It already has very good quality and definitions. You do not have to be worried to print it in a large size. The picture will still appear clear.

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Coloring Pages for Elementary School Kids Free

What is the activity that your kids like when they have spare time? Most of the kids like to color pictures as they like something in colorful. If your kids love coloring as well, here we have collect some coloring pages for elementary school kids.

The coloring pages are available in very good quality and conditions. Just feel free to save and print it in a large size. Here are some printable coloring pages that you can use.

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Arabic Letters Worksheet for Kids Printable

Have your kids learned about Arabic letters? As a Muslim, it is important to be able to read and write in Arabic. Since, we have to understand the Al-Quran which is written in Arabic. Today, we will learn to write in Arabic. Here we have gathered simple Arabic letters worksheet for kids.

The materials are really easy to used and understand. The kids will memorize the letter as soon as possible.

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Arabic Alphabet for the Beginners

Do you kids know about the Arabic alphabet? For Muslim, it is really necessary to learn about Arabic alphabet because they have Al-Quran which is written in Arabic letters. As parents, you have to introduce the letter since childhood.

Here we have prepared Arabic alphabet for the beginners. It is really easy to understand and surely will help the kids memorize the letters.

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Reward Chart for Teenagers Colorful

Teenagers are really stubborn sometimes. They can do housework yet. Besides, they have to learn it soon. To make them help you with the chores, we have reward chard for teenagers. The chart is available in full color. It also has very good quality and definitions.

You can just simply do the right click to save and print it in a large size. Here are some charts that you can use.

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Reading Word Search for Children Free

Have your kids already learn to read? Are they fluent in reading previously? If you want to improve the kids’ reading skills, you have to try using reading word search that we have prepared. It has really good quality and definitions.

You can just do the right to save and print it in a large size. The word search will help the kids to improve their reading ability in a fun ways.

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Numbers 1-5 Tracing Sheets Printable

How is the kids’ progress in writing numbers? Are they able to write it by themselves? If they are able yet, we have prepared numbers 1-5 tracing sheets to help the kids. Using these tracing sheets is very simple. The kids just have to join the dots and make perfect numbers.

The tracing sheets are available in high quality and definitions. Do the right click to save them and print them when needed.

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