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Month: November 2016

Sign Language Simple

As the slogan says ‘Better listening, Better Understanding’ we have to listen other problems to give comfort. The kids will interact with many people with different personality and needs. In the contrary, parents cannot always by their side every times.

Here, we have prepared a sign language which can help the kids when they meet the deaf. Check out the pictures and practice with the kids.

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Reward Chart for Kids Daily Activities

Kids are really stubborn sometimes. They can do housework yet. Besides, they have to learn it soon. To make them help you with the chores, we have reward chart for kids. The chart is available in full color.

It also has very good quality and definitions. You can just simply do the right click to save and print it in a large size. Here are some charts that you can use.

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Kindergarten Z Worksheets for Fun Learning

Doing something for fun while learn is the best way for the kids. Today, we are going to learn to write letters. Writing for the first time is not easy. Because of that we have kindergarten Z worksheets for fun learning.

They just simply joint the dots to write the letters. The worksheets have good quality and definitions which can be freely save and print in a large size.

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Frozen Worksheet High Quality

Happy winter! What will you do to spend your time in the winter with your kids? To make the winter more memorable, let’s try to use frozen worksheet for the spare times.

There are many worksheets related to frozen film such as Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, or Olaf characters. The kids will enjoy coloring the cute pictures in. Here are some worksheets that you can print.

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December Calendar 2016 with Holidays Printable

2016 will be last just in a heartbeat. What will you do to end this year? What a best time to make a memorable moment with your precious person. To make some mark in the end of this year, we have prepared December calendar 2016 with holidays.

It has good quality and definitions which can be save and print freely. The calendar will remind you about the some plans you have make. Check out some printable calendar in the following pictures.

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Printable Times Table Chart Images

Some kids say that math is the most difficult subject. They get worried when they have math’s homework or math lesson tomorrow. It cannot be any problem if you use printable times table chart. It will help the kid understand more about multiplications.

While they aware about multiplications, they will love it and enjoy the lesson. Check out some multiplications images that you can use.

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Multiplication Times Table Chart 1-12 Templates

Having a fun math practice is not really difficult because there are many sources about it. Today, we are going to learn about multiplication. We have prepared many multiplication times table chart 1-12 for your kids.

The kids will experience fun activities in multiplication. You can easily save and print it because it has good quality and definitions.

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Letter Y to Color High Quality

Have your kids memorize all of the letters? Do they have learned to write? To assist the kids while learning the letters, we have provided printable letter Y to color in high quality for kindergarten.

The printable worksheets have good quality and definitions. You can save and print it in a large size as many as you need. The picture of the printable also given in a cute shape which will be loved by the kids.

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Kindergarten Spring Color Worksheets Printable

Happy spring! Do your kids like coloring pictures activities? To make the spring more memorable, let’s try to use kindergarten spring color worksheets for the spare times. There are many pictures related to spring season such as flowers, butterfly, bumblebees, or ants.

The kids will enjoy coloring the cute animals in the garden. Here are some worksheets that you can print.

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