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Month: May 2019

Printable Frozen Movie Worksheets for Children

Frozen is the 3D movie which is aired several years ago. However, the popularity of frozen increased and makes many children becomes its fans. Many merchandise and toy which uses frozen as their character become the worldwide million sell.

This is very good since the popularity of frozen also makes some child becomes aware of it so their focus will be increased. Printable Frozen Movie Worksheets which we provide is the best solution for you since our sheets have Frozen Movie and character as the layout.

frozen movie worksheet activity
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12 Times Tables Square for Math Class

Kids are not only learning about coloring, drawing, and reading. Sometimes, they learn about math too. Before learning math, they usually learn to mention a number, starting from zero to ten. Then, they learn to sum the number for their introduction to math. Upgrading their math skills, the teacher needs to introduce them with multiplication.

Multiplication is truly difficult for them who are recently study it. It is better for the teacher to give the students 12 Times Tables Square for Math Class in order to make it easier to memorize the number.

12 times table square simple
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Printable American Sign Language Charts

There are many forms of communications in this world. Communication can be verbal or textual. However, ‘sign’ is also included in the form of communications.  Some countries have their own sign language. One country has a different sign with other countries. Sometimes, people get misunderstanding with what sign they must use in a country. As an example, American and Indonesian have differences understanding about the ‘ok’ sign.

Don’t worry! On this site, we provide you with Printable American Sign Language! You can use these sheets below to learn by yourself or teach the meaning to your kids!

american sign language alphabet
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