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Arabic Alphabet for Beginners

Do you kids know about the Arabic alphabet? For Muslim, it is really necessary to learn about Arabic alphabet because they have Al-Quran which is written in Arabic letters. As parents, you have to introduce the letter since childhood. Here we have prepared Arabic alphabet for the beginners. It is really easy to understand and surely will help the kids memorize the letters.

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The Arabic alphabet pictures for beginners are presented in very good quality and definitions. Just do the right click to save and print it in a large size. Please use thick papers to avoid tearing paper so easily. Company and support the kids while they learning the Arabic letters.

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You can also use the Arabic alphabet printable as drilling equipment. The kids should learn how to read and pronounce each of the Arabic letters. The pictures are completed with the Latin letters. Here are more printable Arabic letters that you can use.

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So simple and handy, isn’t it? The kids can learn while playing and they can memorize fast when they enjoy the learning activities. Hopefully the printable can help the kids. See you on the next post.

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