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Author: Aurora

Print Homework Sheets

Here provided educational preschool, kindergarten and grade school Print Homework Sheets for children. Do you like learning and revisiting what you’ve learned at school?

We have lots of activity sheets about many different topics that you can use for your kids at the house, or if you are a teacher, you can use it as homework!

Print Homework Sheets Spelling
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Numbers 1-10 Worksheet for Homeschooling

The best way to teach the students how to write a number is by using Numbers 1-10 worksheet. Before go deeply with counting, adding, sum up, and many others, your students can use the sheets which is very good for the students who want to introduce with numbers.

They may go deeply into their curiosity about math subjects and anything as the study about number goes on.

numbers 1-10 worksheet for kids
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Template for a Flower

Sometimes drawing becomes more and more complicated while the students know that draw is something which is not that easy. However, some students may draw their best animal, flower, house, or something they may like. To draw a flower, there are many ways. Sometimes, drawing a flower can be as simple as making a ‘C’.

However, to make your students easier in drawing a flower, you may use Template for a Flower which will be good for you who want to teach your students drawing a flower.

template for a flower printable
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Dots to Dots Worksheet for Summer School

Dots to Dots Worksheet for Summer School are the best tool used by the teacher and students in teaching them about lines and counting numbers. The line is the important aspects of the learning process. Sometimes, students at their first level of drawing tend to draw a bad line. The bad lines make a bad draw while at the contrary, good lines make a good draw.

However, if you want to make them mastered in drawing, just be sure to train them with the lines before teaching them how to use good color.

dots to dots worksheet easy
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Fact Family Worksheets Activity

Fact Family Worksheets actually is not a sheet which contains families themed thing as the content. It rather about the number rather than about family such as mother, father, children, or grandmother and grandfather.

However, if you want to know more about what fact family worksheets we provide, I encourage you to take a look at below sheets so you will know what sheets will suitable for your learning class.

fact family worksheets printable
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Cute Reading Bookmarks for Girls

Reading is the best way of escaping the routine. If you have a problem from a day, you can manage yourself to relieve your stress with reading. There are many varieties of reading such as ready novel, newspaper, and other kinds of text. However, nowadays reading also means read someone updates from social media.

Using these Cute Reading Bookmarks for Girls, you can manage your reading activities into a fun activity.

cute reading bookmarks pink
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Print Yahtzee Score Sheets Free

Print Yahtzee Score Sheets Frees is a score sheet we provide especially for you who want to play a game. However, if you want to play a game, you will always use the score sheets to be able to use in giving the team or individual score. Meanwhile, learning is not always about listening and reading the teacher explanation. Sometimes, students need to refresh their mind also. However, they need to play also.

By playing a game, their mind will be refreshed. The refreshed mind will lead to good production.

Print Yahtzee Score Sheets Free card
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Printable Coloring Worksheets for Kids and Adults

If you a teacher who is going to make a decision, your decision to visit this site is the best decision you have ever made.

On this site, we provide you with Printable Coloring Worksheets for Kids and Adults which is available from us, which include some pictures which were useful for you to be colored by your kids. Check these out!

Christmas coloring worksheets
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Alphabet Preschool Worksheets A-Z

Having understood with the alphabet from A to Z, your kids need to test their own understanding using Alphabet preschool worksheets. As the teacher, you can give them the worksheets directly in your class. The worksheets are important since it has some aspects which can test every kid understanding about the alphabet.

Using the worksheets, you can teach them how to write the alphabet well. Not only that, you can measure your kids’ understanding of the alphabet using the worksheets.

alphabet preschool worksheets easy
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