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Author: Ms. Lily

Write to 20 for Beginner

How tidy your kids handwriting? Do they already able to write the numbers up to 20? What do you do to help the kids have more activity to tidier their handwriting? Today we are going to learn to write numbers. Write to 20 worksheet is the best way to train the kids to have a tidy handwriting.

There are many worksheets that can be done by the kids easily. Print the worksheet fast and make the kids’ handwriting tidier.

write to 20 for kids
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Learning about the Body for Preschool Simple

How was your kids’ progress in learning process? Do they already know the name of part of the body and the functions? Have you found some materials to introduce part of the body and the functions?

Print the learning about the body for preschool that we have collect to learn the name and the functions of the body part in the fun way. Check the following pictures and have a good time learning part of the body.

learning about the body for preschool in english
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Hard Mazes for Adults Best Quality

What do you do to refresh your mind after having a hard time? Do you have some technique to make your mind feel fresh after doing a hard job? Or what do you have to fill up your spare time in the office?

Print and play hard mazes for adults is one of the best way to fill up your break time. By doing the activity, you can refresh your mind every time you need, everywhere you are. Here are some hard mazes that you can save and print it for free.

hard mazes for adults printable
image via hard mazes for adults printable

Halloween Coloring Sheet for Kids

Happy Halloween. What you usually do to make the Halloween more worth to be remember? Do you usually gathered with you family members and do something until midnight? What about playing games with the kids? Let’s have fun with the kids by doing some games of Halloween coloring sheet for kids.

You can have a competition with the kids while coloring the pictures. Print the following pictures to brighten your Halloween party.

halloween coloring sheet activity
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Feb Calendar 2018 Free Print Note

Do you have many appointment in this year on February? Do you need something to make sure that you will not miss one of the appointment that you have plan and make before? Let’s write down every appointment and meeting in the Feb calendar 2018 free print. The calendar will help you to remind every single appointment in detail.

The calendar have blank space that can be used to write down the detail of every moment. Take a look every template of the calendar in the following pictures.

feb calendar 2018 free print page
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Free Colorful Planner Pages Best

What do you do to make sure that you will not miss every single plan that you have made? Where do you write down your events that is very important? Do you have some trick to make you notes of any event tidier? Here we have some free colorful planner pages that you can print in a large size.

The planner templates already have good quality and definitions. Take a look some template that we have collect special just for you.

Free Colorful Planner Pages printable
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Geometric Nets to Cut Out Free

How far your kids know about 3D objects around their environment? Do they know every single name of the objects? Have you find some materials to introduce the objects in easy and fun way? Let’s learn and play about the 3D object by using geometric nets to cut out. By using the printable, you can introduce the objects by playing cut and glue.

The 3D objects will be formed in the perfect shape. Print the pictures in the following pictures in a thick paper and have a happy teaching and learning process.

geometric nets to cut out cone
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Free Yahtzee Score Sheets Fun

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have something fun to do with your family members especially the children? Have you ever play the simple game of Yahtzee? Yahtzee is a simple and fun game that use some dice to play. The purpose of the game is to have more score in the end.

When you want to play the Yahtzee game, you need a scoring sheets. Try to use free Yahtzee score sheets that we have collect here. Choose and print the following pictures for fun playing Yahtzee game.

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