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Category: Paper

Flower Template Blank

Shapes are everywhere around our surrounding. It will be necessary to tell the kids about the shapes early. Flower template for kids will help the kids to know the shapes especially the flower like.

You can explain different form of flower based on the picture given. The picture has high quality and definition that can be saved and printed freely.

flower templete crafts
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Shape Nets for Kids

Have you ever get bored when you have nothing to do in the weekends? Having fun with your kids is more enjoyable when you have something to do together.

Shape nets for kids are one of the solutions to spend your spare time with the kids. It has high quality and definition so that you can print it in a large size.

shape nets pyramid
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Printable Times Tables Chart 1-12 Free

Some kids say that math is the most difficult subject. They get worried when they have math’s homework or math lesson tomorrow. It cannot be any problem if you use printable times table chart 1-12.

It will help the kid understand more about multiplications. While they aware about multiplications, they will love it and enjoy the lesson. Here are some templates that you can use.

Printable Times Tables Chart 1-12 fun
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Play Money to Print Colorful

What will the kids do in their free time? Do you have prepared activities to make the kids do not get bored? Here, we will give you some material which can be used as the kids’ consolation.

Play money to print contains many adorable pictures of money which can absolutely be like by the kids. The pictures are available in high quality and definitions. Just feel free to save and print it.

play money to print monopoly
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Adele One and Only Piano Chords to Learn

Do you want to learn playing piano? Here we have some Adele one and only piano chords to help you. By using these chords, you do not need attending music class anymore. You can learn the basic chords by yourself or autodidact.

The pictures of the chords are really simple and clear. Surely, you can understand and learn the basic chords easily. You can also learn to play piano with the kids. Just feel free to save and print it.

adele one and only piano chords page
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Baby Sign Language Chart Colorful

As the slogan says ‘Better listening, Better Understanding’ we have to listen other problems to give comfort. The baby will interact with many people with different personality and needs. In the contrary, parents cannot always by their side every times.

Here, we have prepared a baby sign language chart which can help the kids when they meet the deaf. Check out the pictures and practice with the kids.

baby sign language chart list
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Gift Certificate Template for Kids Blanks

Do your kids have done something which needs a compliment? Compliments can be spoken or written. If you want to do something different, try to use some written compliments to make it unforgettable. Here we have collected some gift certificate template for kids for your beloved children.

The certificate can encourage the kids to do their best in the future. Check out many blanks certificate in the picture below.

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Certificate of Achievement Templates

Do you have any upcoming events? Have you ever made a competition or contest? In a competition, one of the spirit sources is the reward. The contestants tend to fight until the end because they want to be the winner. To appreciate the winner, a certificate is a must.

Here, we have provided some certificate of achievement templates to help you make an amazing certificate. Check out many different designs in the pictures below.

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Sun Template Printable Free

Do you need some sun template to complete your project? If you are working on school project or on a creative craft you will need some sun template. Here, you will find many sun template printable for free.

This page collects many high quality and definition sun template you can use. The picture will help you to create some incredible arts.

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