Certificate for Good Reading Template

Reading a book is a good habit. We have to carry out this manner since childhood. However, kids tend to play than reading a book. Here, we have prepared certificate for good reading as bait for the kids to read more book. You can print it and promise the kids when they have finish reading the books, you will give the certificate as the gift. Check out many certificates in the pictures below.

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First, you have to do the right click and save the certificate for good reading. Then, fill the blank with your kids’ identity. Finally, you can print it in a thick paper. You can give the certificate when the kids already finish their book. Ask the kids to retell the story to check whether the kids already finish the book or not.

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The other certificate for good reading can be used for the other reading activities with other book. More the kids have finish reading the books, they can collect many certificates. Encourage the kids’ spirit by using the certificate.

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Seems a good activity to do with your kids, right? Hopefully, this certificate will help to build some good habits. Look forward our next incredible post.