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Coloring Sheet 3 Little Pigs Cartoon

Do you like to tell a story before taking the kinds to the bed? It is a good habit to tell a story especially a story that contains moral value. The kids who love listening to the stories will understand the moral value in the end of the story and apply it in daily live. Using coloring sheets 3 little pigs makes the story telling more fun. Just save and print it in a large size then you can tell the story based on the pictures.

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The 3 little pigs tell about three pigs’ brothers that want to build a house for themselves. They build their own house by different materials. The first and second brother build their house by unsteady materials so that their houses blown away by the wolf. However, the third pig use brick to build his house and the house steady enough so that it cannot be blow away by the wolf. After the kids listening to the story, they can coloring the sheet 3 little pigs.

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Telling three little pigs story can teach the kids to be smart when doing something. Here are more coloring sheet 3 little pigs that you can print.

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It is easy to tell good stories, right? Others good stories with moral value will be posted as soon as possible. See you for now on.

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