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Colour your Own Bookmarks Free Printable

Reading a book is a good habit. We have to carry out this manner since childhood. However, kids tend to play than reading a book. Here. We have prepared colour your own bookmark as a bait for the kids to read a book. It has really cute picture which can be coloured by the kids freely. Using this bookmark will make the reading activity more enjoyable.

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First, you have to print the colour your own bookmarks in a thick paper. Then, ask the kids to cut it based on the border lines. If the kids seem do not able to do it by themselves, you can help them to cut it out. After that, put some glue and stick to bookmark into one.

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Now, the bookmarks are ready to be coloured. Wait until the glue get dray to avoid ripped the paper. The kids can colour the bookmark as they like. The colour your own bookmarks are ready to use. Having your own bookmarks will make the kids adore it and want to read more books.

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Seems a good activity to do with your kids, right? Hopefully, this bookmark will help to build some good habits. Look forward our next incredible post.

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