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Pot Luck List for an Unforgettable Party

Have you ever attending or hosting a pot luck party? It is a really good idea to hold a pot luck party. The essential of this party is that the guests bring some meals and share with other guests. However, what will we do if all of them bring the same meal? Here we have prepared pot luck list to decrease the problems.

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The pot luck list shall be shared days before the party. The guests can fill up the dishes with different foods and drinks. They can share the foods they like or foods which have made by themselves. It will also help the host to prepared utensil needed for the party.

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The cute pot luck list can also be filled by the kids. The kids can choose the dishes they like. It can also set as a checking list when they attending the potluck party. The dishes decided before the party that shall be brought by the guests can be check using the pot luck cards.

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It seems easy to hold a potluck party, right? The pot luck card will help you to conduct an unforgettable party. Share your happiness while hosting a pot luck party.


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