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Practice Writing Alphabet Easily

Writing letters for the first time is not an easy stuff to do especially for kids. Their hands are still awkward to hold the pen. However, they have to learn since childhood. To help the kids, we have prepared practice writing alphabet. The kids can just join the dots and make a perfect letter. It can be printed in a large size because it has high quality and definitions.

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The pictures of practice writing alphabet are really simple. The alphabet appears clearly and will help the kids to write their first letter. It has also arrows to show the writing steps. The kids surely enjoy this kind of activities. They will learn to write alphabet fast.

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For the follow up activities, we also provide practice writing alphabet by their own. The worksheets have the alphabets for the example. Then the kids should write the letters beside the example. The will experience to write by themselves. It will be a perfect to develop the kids’ handwriting skill.

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Print it fast and help the kids to write on their own. Encourage the kids’ enthusiasm to learn writing letters by using our worksheets. Hope the kids enjoy the activities. Have a good time.

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