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Shape Nets for Kids

Have you ever get bored when you have nothing to do in the weekends? Having fun with your kids is more enjoyable when you have something to do together.

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Shape nets for kids are one of the solutions to spend your spare time with the kids. It has high quality and definition so that you can print it in a large size.

shape nets octahedron
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First thing to do is you have to print the shape nets in a thick paper. Then, ask the kids to cut the blueprint based on the line. If they are not able enough to do the job, you can cut it out and ask them to wait patiently. When it done, ask the kids to apply some glue and stick one part to the other.

The shape nets will make a 3 dimension object. You can tell the name of the object to the kids. They will be able to learn some object around them. At last, we you can connect the object with the lesson such as math. Here are some objects which will be loved by the kids.

shape nets tetrahedron
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Have you having fun on your weekends with the kids? Wait for other fun stuff on the next post.

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