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Shapes and Sides for the Beginners

There are many things which are unknown by the kids. Having fun in teaching and learning process is the key to memorize the information well. Today, we are going to learn about shapes and sides which are available in the surrounding. We have prepared high quality and definition materials which can be save and print easily. Here are some materials you can use.

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The printable of shapes and sides materials are in colourful which will be loved by the kids. You can tell the name of each shapes and the and the characteristics. The kids will recognize the different among them. It will be easy and enjoyable for kids because it is really eye-catching.

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Now, when the kids have memorized the shapes and sides, we have prepared a gift for them. It can be printed in a large size so that the kids will be able to make it by their own. You have to print it on the thick paper. Ask the kids to cut and stick it to make the hexagonal pyramid.

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Really enjoyable, isn’t it?  Have a nice teaching and learning process with the kids. Hopefully these materials are useful. See you on the next post.

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